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Bill Hargenrader is an international speaker, a United States Army Veteran, a Fortune 500 Project Management Professional focusing on cybersecurity and innovation, a proactive Mars advocate, and founder of Next Level Life, where he focuses on empowering entrepreneurs and artists so we can massively change the world for the better together.

When Bill was 8 years old he was wrongfully committed to a mental institution for 3 years due to an unfortunate course of events. This set him on a lifelong quest of learning and discovery to figure out what the best tools are for us to truly change our lives for the better. Now Bill is a bestselling author, and an international keynote speaker who is both a technical presenter and an inspirational motivator with his talks ranging from the latest advances in technology to advancing through our lives realizing that we can be the hero of our own story.

Living Life At The Next Level

Living life at the next level means living bold, taking on adventures, and experiencing things outside of our comfort zone that will force us to grow.

Bill routinely pushes himself to take on new challenges across the globe, from a digital correspondent for National Geographic, to acting as the lead in Macbeth in Birnam Wood, Scotland, and many destinations in between.

Playing Macbeth in Scotland

National Geographic Digital Correspondent

Moderating  a Panel on SciFi, Media, and Mars Exploration

Ignite Session: Rapid Fire Innovation Talk -Insights From Running an Internal Startup

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